Friday, 24 October 2008

Date for the Switch On

I received a letter this morning that 5th November has been set for my switch on which is under 2 weeks! Wow - I can't believe how the time has gone quick since my operation.

I'm slowly getting better each day. Sometimes I just lose balance and feel dizzy. Yesterday I went out for the first time on my own. It was good to get out of the house for a bit and get some fresh air. I have been having trouble sleeping on my implanted side as the scar is still a bit swollen. I guess that will take time to heal properly. My hair is still growing back fast!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

21st October - Post Operation

Yesterday, I went to see Mr Ashcroft who removed the steri strips and the pack from inside my ear. That day I had been so itching to have them to removed and also had been counting the days to have a hair wash!!! He was pleased all was well and that the scar looked very neat. The first thing I did when I got home was dash the bathroom and have a good hair wash with the help of my mum of course. I felt so much better afterwards and it was so good to smell my hair again. Patience has paid off!!! I was able to see the scar behind the mirror and I was impressed. The scar feels numb and a little swollen. I still have to be careful not to let my scar catch an infection.

After meeting with Mr Ashcroft, I had an appointment with my Audiologist Yvette to explain the new CI. When I was escorted to the room, the first thing I saw was a big box of my new CI Nucleus Freedom. She told me not to worry but I was excited to see what they had to offer! I was shown the processor and all the other accessories. Here is what the processor looks like:

Sunday, 19 October 2008

On the road to a recovery.....

These are the pictures since I came out of hospital. You can see how much my hair has grown back quite quickly. I still haven't had a hair wash and I'm not allowed to until Tuesday when I see the surgeon Mr Ashcroft when he removes the steri-strips. It has been a bit frustrating but draining.
2 days after the Op.

4 days after the Op.

A week on since the Op.

Amost 2 weeks since the op.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

8th October - Operation Day!

This was a big day for me and I was feeling very calm. I arrived at the Nuffield Hospital in Chandlers Ford at 7am. I was shown to my own room and then the nurse came in to go through some questions and took my blood pressure. Mr Ashcroft, the surgeon came in at 7:45am telling me the operation has been slightly delayed - I really thought he was going to cancel my operation!!!! I was given some pressure socks and got changed into hospital gown. Then there was a waiting period and I was twiggling my thumbs. Someone knocked on the door and it was the Anaesthetist. He had a look at my file and asked me more questions. I thought he was cute and he reminded me of Colin Firth!!!! At 8:30am I was called to walk to the theatre with the Sara the nurse. I hugged my mum and I was being really brave to carry on walking after I said my goodbyes! I was asked to lay on the bed and the theatre staff put all the pads on, the cannula in. Then the mask was put on my face and the drugs were put in.

I remember waking up and saw the clock at 1:30pm. The nurse came over and asked me if I was feeling okay. I didn't feel too good and they gave me some pain relief. Sara the nurse came to take me back to my room. I had a bumpy ride on the way feeling sick! My mum was waiting in the room. An hour later, a different nurse gave me an injection of antibiotics. My mouth was really dry and I needed a sip of water. The nurses came in every so often to check on me and take my blood pressure. I was really hungry since I hadn't eaten for over 12 hours. They gave me a cup of tea with rich tea biscuits. I felt something wasn't right with me and my instincts were right - that I was feeling sick again!!! My friend Charlotte came to visited me with the balloons. It certainly cheered me up. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling too well again and the nurses gave me some stronger painkillers to stop being sick again. Mr Ashcroft came into see me and said that the operation was successful. At dinner time, I felt brighter and ate something small. I was feeling very tired afterwards and the nurse came in and gave me another injection of antibiotics. It was really slow to get it all in and it wasn't nice at all.

I didn't get a good night sleep as it was a bit uncomfortable sleeping with the bandage on. At 9:30am I was called in to have an x-ray and was escorted on a wheelchair. When I came back to my room, my mum was there. That day I was feeling much better and had more of an appetite. My dad and step-mum Nikki came to visit with my nephew Zac. That afternoon for the first time, I sat on the chair and took a slow walk along the corrider with the nurse.

The next day, I was eager to get my bandage removed as it was getting so heavy. Judi the nurse made me happy that morning as she called in after I woke up and told me that she would be taking the bandage off. I couldn't wait and finished off my breakfast. Judi took it off and she brushed and put my hair up. I asked if I could see it with the mirror behind in the bathroom and I was surprised with the amount of hair had been shaven off!!! I was discharged just before lunchtime and was given some painkillers and antibiotics.