Monday, 24 November 2008

Back to normal!

I know I haven't written for a little while. The past few weeks has been touch and go trying to adjust to normal life. I returned to work last week with part time hours for a 2-week trial. When entering into my office for the first time, it was actually noisy, (although I work in an open plan office). I could almost hear what everyone is doing! I really can't stand hearing the paper rustling! It just felt good to hear another person talking across the room. Now I realised how hearing people has to put up with when I missed out on these things. I was a little nervous when I caught the train (as I commute every day) and I could just about hear every single thing going on in the carriage! The announcement drives me insane!

I'm getting used to my implant now and I have picked up little things that it hasn't occured before. It makes me smile and even more excited what more is to come! I have my tune up next week so it'll be interesting to see what my audiogram looks like and see if it has improved.

Friday, 7 November 2008

2nd Tuning

Since I got switched on, I have found myself asking "what's that". The hardest part was putting the processor on every morning because it sounded like a loud and bashing squeaky sound. It soon calmed down afterwards. I went back for my 2nd tuning today and this time my dad came with me for moral support. When I waited at the centre, I could hear the clock ticking. I met Helen again and recognised her voice well. We did some tests with the implant alone and I had to hear 3 beeps in sequence. She made some adjustments that made me feel comfortable and I had to concentrate really hard. Then a few moments later, I found it too loud because it was shaking my brain a bit!! Afterwards I had a rehab and met Julie, the Speech Therapist and we talked about using the syllables. I had some practice to see if I could hear her voice using the implant. I did really well but will continue to practice. I am heading back again on Tuesday for my weekly audiology.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Switch on - Guy Fawkes!!

The moment of the truth finally arrived! I was feeling calm, excited and not too nervous because I wasn't expecting too much to happen. My mum came with me to watch the switch on. I met Helen the Audiologist and she explained the procedure and I removed my other hearing aid. I placed my processor on my head for the very first time and I was being so careful about the magnet as it met. It felt strange wearing it but I soon got used to it after a while. I was prepared to hear some beeps sounds. Helen discovered that 22 electrodes were working and only one of them doesn't work but that didn't make any difference. So I was raring to go and then 5 minutes later I heard the beeps!!! It made me jump but it certainly made me smile! That was a good sign and then she turned it on. It certainly made me smile even more! Helen was talking to me and I picked up some of what she said. It sounded so squeaky! My mum was asked to say something to see if I could hear her well. I understood her sounds but too not clear. We both felt emotional and tried not to have tears because we were both happy that the impant was really working. I found it a bit clear once I put my hearing aid back on and I was getting the balance of hearing from both ears. As time went by, I began to understand Helen a bit clear and when she was picking up some paperwork, I could hear the paper rustling and it drove me mad!!! I certainly heard my voice well too! Helen made some adjustments to my processor that suits me. I was given "program 1" and then I would come back 2 days later (Friday) for another tuning. I was keen to go outside and see what I could hear. I didn't pick up much and once we drove home, I actually heard the car indicators for the first time and it made me happy! I picked up so many little things for the rest of the day, for example we decided to go to the supermarket. I was pushing the trolley along the aisle and all the sudden I heard a man's voice behind me (didn't understand what he said but just the tone of his voice) and I never heard it before. When I got home I wanted to email my dad how it went and I couldn't believe I could even hear the keyboard tapping as I typed!! I was really pleased by today's events and the emotions I faced. I felt so worn out by early evening. I know I just have to be patient and know it will get clearer as time goes by.