Thursday, 4 December 2008

Monthly activation

What a week! I went back to full time basis at work this week and it has been tiring! I had been picking up news sounds which was incredible! One morning on my way to work, I passed by a river and I heard the ducks quacking at a distance! I really couldn't believe it and maybe they were trying to catch my attention to test me!

Yesterday was an exciting day as I had my monthly tune up and activation. I had a hearing test with the CI implant and hearing aid with CUNY (with lipreading) and BKB (without lipreading). Here are the results showing before implant and with implant:

CUNY - 16% before implant and 61% with implant
BKB - 73% before implant and 95% with implant

I was really pleased with the outcome and didn't expect to achieve a higher percentage! I have noticed recently that I have been picking up new small sounds but also catch the odd word or two. I have started to practice conversations with people without looking at their lips but it will take time. Now I'm looking forward to hearing more unusual sounds!