Thursday, 4 December 2008

Monthly activation

What a week! I went back to full time basis at work this week and it has been tiring! I had been picking up news sounds which was incredible! One morning on my way to work, I passed by a river and I heard the ducks quacking at a distance! I really couldn't believe it and maybe they were trying to catch my attention to test me!

Yesterday was an exciting day as I had my monthly tune up and activation. I had a hearing test with the CI implant and hearing aid with CUNY (with lipreading) and BKB (without lipreading). Here are the results showing before implant and with implant:

CUNY - 16% before implant and 61% with implant
BKB - 73% before implant and 95% with implant

I was really pleased with the outcome and didn't expect to achieve a higher percentage! I have noticed recently that I have been picking up new small sounds but also catch the odd word or two. I have started to practice conversations with people without looking at their lips but it will take time. Now I'm looking forward to hearing more unusual sounds!


Laura's medical journey said...

aww what a great day for u! Well done on your results! duck noises are funny arent they hehe quack quack!

Hope it gets even better for you! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Chick,

Great news that all is going well, its the best thing i have ever done. Even though i only use the one ear as i am completley deaf in the other it has made a HUGE difference to my hearing and my life!! You will be learning new things everyday enjoy it......congratulations x x


Charlotte said...

Hey mate,

Great results.

Realised that my blog doesn't recieve your updates! ummph! I will check your blog now and then to keep up with your updates.

got flu at moment. Can we meet very soon (before xmas obviously!)

Char xx

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