Saturday, 31 January 2009

My first talk - 28th January

I had been asked to attend the User Group at the SOECIC to give out a talk about my own experience. I met another CI called Lesley who also been asked to come along and talk her own journey. She was a lovely person to meet. It was really nice to share our own experiences even though we were a little nervous in front of others who were thinking about having a CI! Nikki the Hearing Therapist who conducted the group, asked us some questions. The audience were a mixture of ages and at the beginning, they looked a bit petrified! I think in the end, they were more relaxed as me and Lesley made them understand better listening to CI users. We received a praise as they clapped for us. We felt even lucky as Nikki said that, the audience in the past user groups have never clapped before so we were the first ones!!

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