Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Workshops all day

Last week, I wanted to find out more about the accessories for my CI make - COCHLEAR NUCLEUS FREEDOM so I attended a morning workshop to learn more. It was really interesting and I met other CI users who have the same model as me. We were given three pieces of equipment to test. First, we had fun trying out with an ipod/CD player. It was funny seeing others how they react when listening to music. I had been practising with my ipod for a little while and the types of music sound different compared to my other hearing aid. Secondly, we were asked to plug a cable to watch the video of Dr Dolittle. I found that difficult because the video player plays a hum in the background. As it was an American film, I could not understand Eddie Murphy because he was talking so fast plus there was a music background. Thirdly, I was given a go listening to the music player. They turned on various types of music, using the CI/cable or CI alone. I have found I would listen to the music without the cable. I am glad I attended because it gave me the chance to try things out and was able to learn more that I did not discover.

Later on in the afternoon, I attended another workshop called "Using Your Voice Well". It provided practical hints and tips on maintaining a healthy voice. The Speech Therapists gave us plenty of ideas to keep our voice sounding great and feeling comfortable. I realised that I must drink plenty of water and drink less caffeine!!